Unprecedented times called for extraordinary measures.

As we understand your hesitation to leave your house because of the unknown of the virus,we have a multilayered approach to avoid or minimize your risk.

Our employees undergo regular testing for Covid-19, have their temperature checked daily and are monitored  for any sign of a cold. They will wear appropriate protective equipment at all times.

To help us better schedule your appointment, you will be asked few questions about your recent travels, any flu or cold symptoms and any interactions with a Covid positive individual.

During your visit with us, you will be kindly asked to wear a mask that will cover their mouth and nose. If needed, disposable masks are available to be used.

As part of your check in,one of our team member will record your temperature with a touch less thermometer, will guide you to our hand wash station and have you rinse your mouth with a peroxide type rinse that will reduce the viral load in the mouth.

Hand sanitizer bottles are available in each room.

For your appointment, you will be the only patient in the office.  You will be offered a disinfected personal plastic bin, where you will safely store your belongings during the appointment.Senior hours are available upon request.

Your clinical room will have an air purifier with HEPA filters appropriate for Coronavirus viral size.

One of the most common questions we receive is about our post visit cleaning protocol of the common areas.Here is a list with our tasks:

  • We disinfect very door handle, chair,pen, light switch and every surface that could be touch by a person during an office visit. We clean the floors with a hospital grade disinfectant after every person visiting a bathroom or a clinical room.
  • We filter the air in the rooms with HEPA filters and at the end of the day will use a UVC Lamp to disinfect the air and surfaces.
  • Bathroom has its own UVC filter.
  • Please,visit our Covid equipment page for a more detailed description.

Your voice is really important! By responding to our post visit survey, you will help us improve. We are committed to the highest standard of safety.

Call us today to schedule your visit with us!