Preventive Dentistry

We offer dental care to patients of all ages. We offer counseling to new parents regarding their newborn,infants and toddlers dental care.

We offer bi-annual  or four times a year continuing care apointments (hygiene appointments), annual full mouth examinations, annual oral cancer screening examinations(including Velscope the only technology available to screen deeper into the tissue), diet and hygiene counseling.

For our patients with an active lifestyle we offer sportguards individualized for different sports.

We offer sealants and in office fluoride treatments.

We offer counseling and treatment for patients experiencing the dry mouth syndrome.

We are using a cutting edge technology in caries detection, a laser light device called Diagnodent which helps in detection of caries at the earliest stage enabling us to perform the minimal invasive restorative procedures and preserve most of the tooth strucure.

All the visible findings during your intraoral examination are presented to you using our intraoral camera technology.

We offer treatment for bruxism and adjunctive treatment for sleep apnea.